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Plants vs Zombies Download Full Version Free

Plants vs Zombies download Full Version Free – is an action and strategy games that published and developed by PopCap games for Mac OS X and Windows. The mission in this game are to protect home owner using plants as a weapon (name it tower defence game based) from zombies army attack. In February 2010, this game was realeased for iOS version and for iPAD (HD version). In February 2012, plants vs zombies can be played at BlackBerry PlayBook.

In this article Plants vs Zombies download free, i just want to share about gameplay of this game. Game players will manage many varieties of plants that each plants have different abilities (defensive, offensive and other). For example, using Pea (PeaShooter) to give splash damage to zombie, fungi (Fume-Shroom) to spread fumes and give damage for zombie in some area, sunflower for producing sun that players need to plant. For defensive plants, players can plant Wall-nut that can protect anything behind Wall-nut. Potato mine, to explode all zombies in potato-mine square . And many more capabilities from every plants that I can’t describe in here.  Just play Plants vs Zombies and get your own experience now to know many more plants in this game.

In Plants vs Zombies game, you can experience many different layouts and level. Every level and layouts has each difficult. You can using many strategy to repel the zombies. At the beginning of this game, you must get sun poin to plant later.

Just for information, Plants vs Zombies get 89.5% points from GameRankings and 88/100 score from Metacritic. Its can explained that this game has received positive reception. 

Plants vs Zombies System Requirements 
  • OS*: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 1.2+GHz
  • Memory (RAM): 512+MB
  • Free Hard Drive Space: 65+MB
  • DirectX Version: 8 or later
  • Sound: DirectX-compatible
  • Video: DirectX-compatible; 128+MB
  • Color Quality: 16-bit or 32-bit color mode (256 colors may not work)
  • Controls: Keyboard and mouse
  • Internet: Internet connection is required to register/unlock game trials — including those delivered via CD-ROM

*You must be an administrator to install and run this game.

Games Screenshots :

So, are you interest to play this game now? Just click the link below for get Plants vs Zombies Download Full Version Free.


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