Thursday, May 16, 2013

Angry Birds Space Free Download For PC

Angry Birds Space Free Download for PC – It’s the 4th edition of Angry Birds that developed by Rovio Entertainment. First announced about Angry Birds Space by Rovio in February 2012, and launched on next month (March 2012) for PC, Android, iOS and Mac. With 60 initials levels and free updates for extra levels or In-app purchases for extra level.

Angry Birds Space game different from 3 series of Angry Birds, players wouldn’t play on flat stage like previous series of Angry Birds game, but players play on several different planets with its own gravitational field. The gravitational field of each planets can affects the birds trajectory after launch. The aiming system to aim the birds are easy to use. When the birds break some pigs in space bubbles, they will going to freeze and smash except if they got into a gravity field. Angry Birds Space features boss fights like in Angry Birds Rio gameplay.

Angry Birds Space also features new bird characters that have unique abilities than other birds. 2 Month after the release of Angry Birds Space on PC, Android, iOS and Mac, this game has been downloaded a total of 100 million times. Red Planet (20 levels of the next level pack) was released on August 2012. Update for Red Planet was completed on November 2012 and added Space Eagle Bonus Levels, one for each planet.

Angry Birds Space for PC Minimum System Requirements
OS Windows XP SP3/Vista/7
CPU 1.0GHz RAM 512MB
Hard Drive 60MB
Graphics Any OpenGL 1.3 compatible device
Internet connection required for activation and updates

To download Angry Birds Space game, just click the link below :

Hope you can playing this game well and enjoy the Angry Birds Space Free Download For PC articles.

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