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Angry Birds Star Wars Download Free For PC

Angry Birds Star Wars Download Free For PC - Angry Birds Star Wars is an action video game that crossover between angry birds game series and Star Wars Franchise. This new series of angry birds game launched first for iOS, Windows and Android on November 2012, also to BlackBerry and Mac later. The game was revealed on Angry Birds Facebook page as the sixth Angry Birds game. The engine for this game are Box2D and the genre are strategy and platformer.

On the Angry Birds Star Wars game, you can see some characteristic from Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, the characteristics was the outer space and standard terrain on each levels in this game. The first place of this game are in Luke Skywalker’s home world of Tatooine, then player will travel to Death Star and move to Hoth, and goes to Dagobah (must earning 3 stars on Tatooine or Death Star, or in other way get it with an in-app purchase). The adventure will end in Cloud City. Except the Blue Bird, all the birds in Angry Birds Star Wars has a new power, some of these birds power will upgraded as the progress. Differences from earlier version, the birds should still perform their chosen ability moments when colliding with associate object.

The Worlds in Angry Birds Star Wars are six (6) on most platforms. They are Tatooine | Death Star | Hoth | Cloud City | Booba Fett Missions | Path of the Jedi | Golden Droid bonus level. Just for information, Path of the Jedi world are not available on Mac, and player must get 3 star on all Death Star and Taooine levels or purchase it to unlock Path of the Jedi world. Boba Fett Missions will unlock if player purchase it or the player must get 5 jetpacks scattered throughout the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars Minimum System Requirements :
  • OS Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
  • CPU 1.0GHz RAM 512MB
  • Hard Drive 60MB
  • Graphics Any OpenGL 1.3 compatible device
  • Internet connection required for activation and updates
Screenshots :

To download Angry Birds Star Wars game, just click the link below :

Hope you can playing this game well and enjoy the Angry Birds Star Wars Download Free For PC articles.

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