Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Glimpse of Crysis 3 Review

The Crysis 3 is actually the fourth game of the Crysis series that you can get any information related to it on this Crysis 3 review. The game is available on the PC platform and also PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to accommodate every shooting game lover out there. On the game you will have to use your sneaking or stealthy skill to finish the mission since the direct approach is not a good option on the game. Although the Crysis 3 is basically a first person shooter game like Call of Duty and Battlefield, the different setting used by the game makes it very unique and different. Follow this Crysis 3 review to know more about this PC killer game.

The Crysis game series has always been very famous as the PC killer. It is due to the fact that for PC there are quite high requirements needed to be able to play the Crysis game without any problem. Just the same with the Crysis 3 itself that you would need to have a DirectX 11 support graphic card to be able to play this game as tested in the making of this review of Crysis 3 . The use of Crytek engine in the development of the Crysis 3 guarantees the outstanding graphic quality especially when you play the PC version. The game need to use the DirectX 11 to play then the quality of the graphic is out of question. Looking back to the Crysis 2 which is quite a long time ago, it already has stunning graphic quality even if you play it today. Just imagine the graphic quality of Crysis 3 then. The game is still in the same line with the previous one which talking about the adventure and survival of a man in a suit called the Nanosuit. That is a glimpse of the Crysis 3 review for your information.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Metro Last Light Review

On this article you will find a short Metro Last Light review that will give you a glimpse of the Metro Last Light game. The Metro Last Light is the sequel of the previously Metro 2033 game. This game is published by the A4 game studios. The main idea of the Metro Last Light game is the journey of the main character named Artyom to meet and then eventually save the last one of the human known enemy called the Dark One. On the first game Artyom with the help of his friends hunts down every Dark One who always disturbing and attacking human. The presence of the Dark Ones is because of the nuclear radiation all over the world. The game takes place in Russia which specifically the underground trains line. It is known from the first game that Artyom has a kind of connection with Dark Ones since he was once saved by one of them while he was a child. That makes him want to save the last Dark One in the Metro Last Light. That is a brief Metro Last Light review about the storyline of the game.

Moreover on this short review of Metro Last Light, the game needs quite high specifications for PC if you want to play it on PC. As the first game, the Metro Last Light also supports the newest DirectX technology. Thus it will boost the graphic quality of the game. The intense circumstances of the game add tenser in playing the game. The game also has a couple of live action button that makes it much more interesting. The difficulty level of the game itself is somewhat hard but still possible to be played. That is all basic information about the Metro Last Light that you can find on this short Metro Last Light review.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Planetary Annihilation Review Shows the Price Controversy

There is a Planetary Annihilation review shows that there are a kind of controversy in the pricing of the game. The Planetary Annihilation is a strategy game published by the Uber Entertainment. The one that is told by a review of Planetary Annihilation to be the controversy is the asking price of the newly launched game itself. The Planetary has recently been launched on Steam by the Uber Entertainment with the price of $90. Basically whenever the game is newly launched the publisher is common to take charge until the final release of the game. Unfortunately the pricing system of the Planetary Annihilation is very much different. The common practice is that the price will be low for the very first version of the game, and then it will go up until the highest price would be the final version. As the Planetary Annihilation review stated that the initial price for the alpha version of the game is $90 with only $60 for the beta version to follow later. That is the price controversy of the Planetary Annihilation game.

As the Planetary Annihilation review stated, the Uber Entertainment Executive Producer have been very aware of the controversy. Yet the price is set that way in order to anticipate gamers who backed up closer to the final release of the game since the price is higher. The Uber Entertainment has experienced this once on the release of the Kickstarter game last year. Aside of all of the fusses and also controversy of the price there are quite a number of users accepted the pricing system of this game. It is because the Planetary Annihilation was for a several days after the first alpha version been released the 3rd most popular game on Steam. That is the price controversy shown by the Planetary Annihilation review.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Total War Rome II Gameplay Official Trailer

Strategy game lovers must be very excited in looking for any glimpse of information related to the Total War Rome II gameplay. This is because the game itself is still not released yet until today. The Total War Rome II would be the sequel of the Rome Total War game which has been so many long time ago. The first game itself is a massive hit in the world of strategy game for PC. Thus the Rome Total War is the birth of the best strategy games on PC all of which are using the Total War titles. Those games are Rome Total War, Napoleon Total War, and also Shogun Total War.

Recently there has been an issue of the Total War Rome II gameplay issued by the official game site. The video issued by the official site showing the gameplay of Total War Rome II game in a fierce battle. There are the Macedonian forces showing in the video battling against their enemy in a very hard difficulty within the 9 minutes. Although the video of the gameplay of Total War Rome II is a short one, yet it shows a great potential of the game to be the successor of the all previous games using Total War title. There are a couple of new tricks in defending and attacking showed on the video that are actually different from the previous games. The graphic quality of the game itself is having a huge improvement to erase the thought that strategy games are often having very standard or even poor graphic quality. The official release date of this much anticipated game is on the 3rd of September 2013. Although it is quite some time to be able to play the game, enjoying the Total War Rome II gameplay trailer is somewhat satisfying for some strategy lovers.

So this is the info of Total War II just on Gamescluby.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Official Battlefield 4 Release Date Has Been Issued

The official site of the game Battlefield 4 has published the official Battlefield 4 release date. The new series of the very famous shooting game will be released on the October 29 2013. There is also a pre order option available on the official site for you who do not want to miss the Battlefield 4 game. The Battlefield 4 is another series of the Battlefield game which is developed by Dice using the Frostbite engine which is published by EA. The official Battlefield release date is very much anticipated by gamers all over the world following the success of the previous Battlefield game. This brand new addition to the Battlefield game series will give you much more stunning graphic quality with the use of the new Frostbite 3 engine. Very destructible environments will still be one of the selling points of this game. Aside of that the very authentic combat vehicles and chaotic war situation will be offered to give you a much more war like experience. As the official Battlefield release date which is the 29 of October 2013 the game will be released in the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 first.

Just as the Battlefield 4 date of release which is pretty much waited by gamers, all of the previous Battlefield games are the same. Since the very first news about the game is published, people are looking for information related to the release date. The previous Battlefield game is the Battlefield 3 which of course a blockbuster shooting game along with its arch rival the Modern Warfare 3 from the Call of Duty series. Those two series have always been in battle since a very long time ago in the shooting game. Remember to keep in mind the Battlefield 4 release dates if you do not want to miss out the excitement.

If you like to playing Battlefield, keep update all info about Battlefield 4.

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