Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Glimpse of Crysis 3 Review

The Crysis 3 is actually the fourth game of the Crysis series that you can get any information related to it on this Crysis 3 review. The game is available on the PC platform and also PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to accommodate every shooting game lover out there. On the game you will have to use your sneaking or stealthy skill to finish the mission since the direct approach is not a good option on the game. Although the Crysis 3 is basically a first person shooter game like Call of Duty and Battlefield, the different setting used by the game makes it very unique and different. Follow this Crysis 3 review to know more about this PC killer game.

The Crysis game series has always been very famous as the PC killer. It is due to the fact that for PC there are quite high requirements needed to be able to play the Crysis game without any problem. Just the same with the Crysis 3 itself that you would need to have a DirectX 11 support graphic card to be able to play this game as tested in the making of this review of Crysis 3 . The use of Crytek engine in the development of the Crysis 3 guarantees the outstanding graphic quality especially when you play the PC version. The game need to use the DirectX 11 to play then the quality of the graphic is out of question. Looking back to the Crysis 2 which is quite a long time ago, it already has stunning graphic quality even if you play it today. Just imagine the graphic quality of Crysis 3 then. The game is still in the same line with the previous one which talking about the adventure and survival of a man in a suit called the Nanosuit. That is a glimpse of the Crysis 3 review for your information.

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