Monday, September 9, 2013

Planetary Annihilation Review Shows the Price Controversy

There is a Planetary Annihilation review shows that there are a kind of controversy in the pricing of the game. The Planetary Annihilation is a strategy game published by the Uber Entertainment. The one that is told by a review of Planetary Annihilation to be the controversy is the asking price of the newly launched game itself. The Planetary has recently been launched on Steam by the Uber Entertainment with the price of $90. Basically whenever the game is newly launched the publisher is common to take charge until the final release of the game. Unfortunately the pricing system of the Planetary Annihilation is very much different. The common practice is that the price will be low for the very first version of the game, and then it will go up until the highest price would be the final version. As the Planetary Annihilation review stated that the initial price for the alpha version of the game is $90 with only $60 for the beta version to follow later. That is the price controversy of the Planetary Annihilation game.

As the Planetary Annihilation review stated, the Uber Entertainment Executive Producer have been very aware of the controversy. Yet the price is set that way in order to anticipate gamers who backed up closer to the final release of the game since the price is higher. The Uber Entertainment has experienced this once on the release of the Kickstarter game last year. Aside of all of the fusses and also controversy of the price there are quite a number of users accepted the pricing system of this game. It is because the Planetary Annihilation was for a several days after the first alpha version been released the 3rd most popular game on Steam. That is the price controversy shown by the Planetary Annihilation review.

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