Sunday, September 8, 2013

Total War Rome II Gameplay Official Trailer

Strategy game lovers must be very excited in looking for any glimpse of information related to the Total War Rome II gameplay. This is because the game itself is still not released yet until today. The Total War Rome II would be the sequel of the Rome Total War game which has been so many long time ago. The first game itself is a massive hit in the world of strategy game for PC. Thus the Rome Total War is the birth of the best strategy games on PC all of which are using the Total War titles. Those games are Rome Total War, Napoleon Total War, and also Shogun Total War.

Recently there has been an issue of the Total War Rome II gameplay issued by the official game site. The video issued by the official site showing the gameplay of Total War Rome II game in a fierce battle. There are the Macedonian forces showing in the video battling against their enemy in a very hard difficulty within the 9 minutes. Although the video of the gameplay of Total War Rome II is a short one, yet it shows a great potential of the game to be the successor of the all previous games using Total War title. There are a couple of new tricks in defending and attacking showed on the video that are actually different from the previous games. The graphic quality of the game itself is having a huge improvement to erase the thought that strategy games are often having very standard or even poor graphic quality. The official release date of this much anticipated game is on the 3rd of September 2013. Although it is quite some time to be able to play the game, enjoying the Total War Rome II gameplay trailer is somewhat satisfying for some strategy lovers.

So this is the info of Total War II just on Gamescluby.

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