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Stronghold Crusader Free Download Full Version

Stronghold Crusader Free Download Full Version
Stronghold Crusader Free Download Full Version - A real time strategy and simulation genre game that was released in 2001 by Firefly Studios. Stronghold Crusader was the old game, but still popular in almost all countries. Firefly Studios makes this game simple, but interesting. That's why Stronghold: Crusader became popular. You can play custom games, missions, you also can create their own maps, and of course you can play the game online. All those who love simulation games and strategy games should try this.

Stronghold: Crusader is an advanced title for the original Stronghold game. The main difference with previous Stronghold games is that the game is set in the Middle Eastern country. As a result, farms can only be built on oasis grass, which led to competition among the players to acquire agricultural land and resources become limited.

When you begin to play this game, in the main menu you can see some buttons to choose.
  • Crusader (in this section you can choose to play Crusader trail or custom game. You can fight through 50 battles related Crusader in Crusader trail, in custom games you can customize your own Crusader);
  • Historical campaigns (here you will find 20 missions);
  • Castle builder (here you build your castle, wherever you want and prepare for enemy attacks);
  • Multiplayer (you can set the fight against human or computer); and
  • Custom Scenario (you can make your own maps).
There are many forces in the game Stronghold: Crusader, including Archers, Crossbowmen, Spearmen, pikemen, macemen, Swordsmen, Knights, tunnelers, Laddermen, Engineers: Black Monks, Arabian Bows, Slaves, Slingers Assassins, Horse Archers, Arabian Swordsmen, Fire Throwers.

The main points in the game Stronghold: Crusader is defeating your enemies. To do that, you have to build towers, strong walls and defend your castle with soldiers, you also have to earn money by making and selling goods, or by taxing.

In this game, you play from a birds eye view from top to bottom. You can directly control your troops by clicking and dragging them, plus give them orders. But the citizens of your city are controlled indirectly. If you need more wood, you can build a woodcutter's hut and a farmer who previously unemployed will go to work. If you run out of a farmer, you can build more housing and many more stuff.

If you have the money to buy the army and the palace you have a strong defense, you can attack your enemy with soldiers and other mechanisms (catapults, shields, etc.). To win this game, you do not need to destroy everything, you just need to kill the king of your enemy. Of course he will be defended by many soldiers. And do not forget to protect your king, because when she dies, you will lose. The only way to truly secure is to build a large palace and then defending them by placing archers and crossbow, plus other troops, on top of the wall.

That you would like in the game Stronghold: Crusader is you do not have to wait long until the buildings are built or until the soldiers came. It all happened very quickly. Just click on the building, pick a place where you want to build, press the right mouse button and the building will be constructed soon. Also interesting fights in this game. You must think to survive, because the game is not too easy.

The graphics in this game is pretty good, all things seem realistic in this game. But one thing, I do not like, in this game is the sound. The army said something every time when you take action. It can be annoying sometimes. Overall, this game is worth a try!

Stronghold Crusader minimum system requirements :
  • CPU: Pentium II 300MHz
  • RAM: 64MB RAM
  • VGA: DirectX 7.0 compatible 4MB video card
  • DX: DirectX 7.0
  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • HDD: 850MB
  • Sound: DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card
  • Network: Modem 56K (For Internet Play)
Stronghold Crusader Download

Stronghold Crusader Download Full

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