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Diner Dash Free Download Full Version

Diner Dash Free Download Full Version
Diner Dash Free Download Full Version - a lot of people who play Diner Dash. This game is one game that's easy to play but not boring. Many thought that this game is a game that is devoted to girl, because in this game you become the owner of a food store and happened to actors in the game is an enterprising woman and discipline.

In Diner Dash pc game you are required to serve all visitors with a polite, thorough and precise. Maybe people who think this game is only played by women as the main character a woman and all that is done in this game like a woman who worked at the restaurant food. This game first came out can only be played on PC platforms only, in this era of the game can be played for a variety of platforms such as mobile phones, gamepad and console-based games. This month Inc. PlayFirst Developer. finally issued this game for Android platforms.

Gameplay and Controls
This game does not bring a new atmosphere when released for Android, which served the same gameplay as the PC version of the game uses a 2D display and full color. This game has a main character that is Flo, a waitress whose main focus is to keep the restaurant and the customers are satisfied so that the customer does not get tired to go back to the store owned by Flo.

In terms of control very easily once the last guest drags wait a guest is a way to swipe to the table and waiting for guests to order food. Maybe some of you are not familiar with gameplay like this, because the gameplay is presented is time management where you are required to complete the mission with a level predetermined time. Not only that you have to do in this game because at the beginning of the game there is only one employee is Flo own so to complete each mission as serving guests by taking orders, making food or drinks, deliver it again, clear the table, and close the store does alone without no other employees. But do not be afraid for the future again Flo will be accompanied by employees that you would buy in the shop. To be able to buy your employees must complete certain levels you can hire new employees.

Level / Story
Beginning of the story when Flo graduated from school and chose to pursue a career of the continuing school, because he wanted to fulfill the ideals of his father, and the results Flo found a suitable place to start a career being a restaurant owner even though the place is very narrow. There are 7 free levels presented in this game, if you want to get all the levels required to purchase the full version of the game.

Graphics and Sounds
Graphic in this game is still the same as used in the PC platforms using the 2D gra0phics are applied on top of the camera so you can see all the angles. In terms of music using the musical past is still the same so that you are accustomed to playing this game on PC will be familiar at all when playing back on an Android phone. Although still using the same engine as in the PC gaming platforms is still a lot of the play.

Diner Dash minimum system requirements :
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 600MHz Processor
43MB Hard Disk Space
DirectX compatible 16-bit Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
8X CD-ROM Drive
Diner Dash Free Download

If you want to play Diner Dash on your PC, just click the link below to download the file :

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Password : gaming)

Hope you enjoy this simple review, Diner Dash Free Download Full Version by Gamescluby.

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