Thursday, July 4, 2013

Need For Speed The Run Free Download For PC

Need For Speed The Run Free Download For PC - The gameplay of this game are same as the Need for Speed series of non-simulation before. Compared with the simulated race, easier to control a car. Despite controlling the car has a difficulty level variations, but the speed remains the main focus in this game. Moreover, with additional features to make the cars speed quickly by using nitro boost, increase the level which can provide a variety of benefits, and some kind of interesting game modes.

Nitro concept in Need For Speed The Run PC Games is almost the same as the other Need for Speed game. You just need to drive fast, staged near-miss (almost rub your car with another car), driving in the opposite lane, and do drafting (lagging behind the opponent's car to "ride" the wind path). All activities are always dangerous to give bonuses, be it filling Nitro or give extra experience. But do not feel comfortable with the presence of the nitro. Therefore, your opponent can also use the same trick!

The value of the experience you get when races will be totaled and your level will go up when the value reaches a certain amount. Benefit from higher levels include increased ability when driving, such as driving the increase in Nitro wild, the ability to drafting boost that can determine victory at a critical time, value added experience when chased by the police, and of course a new car is faster than previous. Unfortunately, the choice of car that you can use when playing the single player mode is very limited. The reason was very simple: this game is more concerned with its online multiplayer mode! Again, the player receives damage due to publishers and developers attempt to combat piracy!

The main advantage to players who plays online multiplayer mode is quite a lot. But the most prominent feature is that you will be given the choice so much car! In fact, all the cars that you get after defeating "the specials enemy " in single player mode can only be used in multiplayer mode! In fact, this game does not give you many options for customizing the car like those commonly found in other racing games. Players can only choose a car that will be used in a single player race mode. And even then you can only do when you find a gas station on the track!

Need For Speed The Run in single player mode also includes a brief. The concept of race is so linear (from city to city) make you can finish this game in about 6 to 7 hours! We own the successful completion of this game in about five hours. Even then, with a time we wasted due to a lot of replay system is very problematic in this game. In fact, this system can test your patience due to errors that could have been tolerated in other racing games.

Need For Speed The Run minimum system requirements :
  • CPU - 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equal AMD
  • RAM - 3 GB
  • VGA - 512 MB RAM ATI Radeon 4870 or better | 512 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT or better
  • DX - DirectX 10
  • OS - Windows Vista SP2 32-bit
  • HDD - 18 GB
  • ODD - DVD Rom
  • Sound - DirectX compatible
  • Network:     512 KBPS Internet connection or better
To download Need For Speed The Run free for PC full version, just click the link below :

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Password : gamescluby)

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