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Need For Speed World Free Download For PC

Need For Speed World Free Download For PC - Need for Speed World is focused on illegal racing. Gamepaly whole is in Need for Speed World is taken from the previous series games, the Need for Speed Most Wanted and Need for Speed Carbon. we can walk "surrounding the city of Rockport and Palmont with friends" or we can race with friends via Private Race or race with the rest of the world through the Multiplayer. There are 3 modes of play that will be us. namely Circuit, Sprint, and Pursuit. Each completed race or pursuit, will get a rep (experience) and cash (money ingame), then select the wild card that contains power-ups, parts, cash or rep. rep raised will increase the level. cash used to modify our cars or buy a new car. not only that, here too there SpeedBoost, a cash which can be recharged via Credit Card. Gameplay for this game similar as Need For Speed Most Wanted.

In the garage, we can modify to improve the perfomance performer our cars. and we can also modify our Visual car so it looks more nice and cool. In the garage can also repair damage to the car after a Race or Pursuit with prices to suit Tier / Level the car.

Team Escape mode is the latest game from the Need for Speed World PC game where you will be chased by the police as a "you. Takes teamwork to get away from police. If you get caught, then the" Strike "will be reduced and you will be in a position Respawn your friends when that. If "Strike" up, then you are Busted Team. would be present also power up specifically for the new Team Escape mode. Reward is obtained in accordance with the level, mobi, and your safety on the way. however when busted but partially successful, then busted can not choose the reward card. however got the Rep and Cash equal to those successfully.

Player Max for TE (Team Escape) is is a 4 person ...

Gameplay is done in Free Roam, Every day there will be 15 Gem (Treasure) in specified areas in the map. You have to find 15 gems by looking at the map around the area shown on the map. If the 15 gem has been obtained, it will choose a gift for that day as well as get cash dah rep. however, the next prize in the treasure hunt come the next day. Power-up the prize and spare parts, depending on the day (from day 1 to day 18, then the rest is random gift)

Due to this version (December 2011) there was no police passing on Free Roam. Then performed in PURSUIT Pursuit SHOWDOWN. Pursuit at the same gameplay as the previous version. You should be free to run away from the police as soon as possible or impose pursuit breaker that police destroyed. cooldown time, seek hideouts in order to be faster cooldown.

Need For Speed World minimum system requirements :
CPU: Intel P41.7 GHz (maybe 2.0GHz)
OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
RAM: 1Gb Win XP, 1.5Gb Vista
Sound Card: DirectX 8.1 Compatible
Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory with shader 2
HDD: 2 GB free disk space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Internet: 128kbit/s Cable/DSL connection

If you want to download Need For Speed World free for PC, just click the link below :


Hope you like this post Need For Speed World free download for PC and enjoy to playing this game.

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